Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jake Checks Out the Library

I know you haven’t heard about Jake for a while but let me tell you, he has been busy! In April there was a national library week and Jake was invited to participate. He appeared at three libraries in one week. I went along to observe when he went to the downtown library.

He enchanted everyone he met. He knows how to meet the kids and to be an ambassador for his breed (Korat) and for the Fort Collins Cat Rescue. It’s all a part of him being a celebrity. He has settled down quite a bit from when he first started going out on visits. He just seems to take it all in stride. But I don’t think his fame has gone to his head.

The librarian had set out several cat books on a table for the children to look at while others were arriving. He knew exactly where he wanted to be and pretty soon, there he was sitting in the middle of the books. (see picture) He didn’t even knock over one.

He sat confidently when he was introduced then promptly walked aver to the librarians basket full of goodies and climbed right in, ready to listen. Everyone laughed. He just smiled. He was in his element.

After the stories were read, the librarian led the children in singing. Jake loved it too and laid down on the floor in front of where the children were sitting. Occasionally he would get up and walk right up to one of the kids to be petted.

The best was when the group sang and danced the ‘Hokey Pokey’. The children stood up, singing , clapping, and twirling around and did Jake run away? Not a chance. He just quietly sat and watched them, glad, I am sure, they were having a good time. He sure was

Be on the look out for Jake. He has been going to schools and bookstores as well as nursing homes and libraries. Remember he’s a STAR. >^..^<

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