Friday, July 8, 2011

A True Animal Lover

I collect too many things. As a result I have had to devise extensive systems to keep stuff organized. Most of the stuff I keep has to do with animals; cats, dogs, horses, endangered, farm etc. All animals I guess. But, I keep lots of quotes and stories about them.

So I came across a piece the other day by  Dr. Michel Klein who wrote a book, “Animals, My Teachers; An Autobiography of a Veterinary Surgeon”. The book was part of The Companion Book Club and published by Harvill Press, London in 1975. I think this came from this book. I do know it came from him.
I thought those who read my blog, knowing it is about animals, will appreciate it.

“It is animals as much as human beings, from the tiniest Yorkshire terrier to living colossi such as Siberian tigers or Indian Elephants, that have made me what I am. It is by observing, tending and consorting with them that I have come to terms with my own humanity. Not only have they disclosed that I too am an animal, but the recognition of certain animal virtues in myself and my fellow men has made me more tolerant of our human failings.

“It is to satisfy a passion which gradually overcame me and has never ceased to grow: to restore the animals place in a world dominated by man, a place we encroach on by steadily destroying and looting its habitat. Man without animals condemns himself to inhumanity. My task is to protect them, draw them closer to us, promote our knowledge and love of them.

“The true animal lover must not only like animals but be ready to take on the full responsibility for them”

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