Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm Reconnecting

I have had to let up on writing my blogs for the past month or so. I’m sorry about that. I was hurting more deeply than I realized because I just couldn’t bring myself to write much of anything. But after my personable, sweet feral/hoarded/barn kitty, disappeared I found way too many other things to do. (anger) Polka Dot had become even friendlier with me than my house cats, and I couldn’t believe I had let this happen.
Each day for a couple of weeks I called for her but I didn’t have much hope. What made it even harder was the weather turned cold, very cold. I just couldn’t accept her being out in it. The only way I could think of her was if I convinced myself she had found a buddy and was in another barn or even a house where she might have been fed and had a warm place. (denial) I knew that since she was feral and we had recently sighted a red fox, it was a long shot.
The only thing that made me feel better during that time was my house cats. I held Taffy-ta, my big furry orange tabby for a long time. She put up with my hugging a little longer than usual before she struggled to get down. And about this time, my shy, beautiful tortie, Cookie, was beginning to climb up on my lap as if she knew it was the right time to do that. Even moody, unpredictable black and white Lily, my Tuxedo kitty spent more time on my lap than usual, looking steadily into my eyes as if saying, “It’s going to be OK Mom, I’m here” (acceptance) I’d never thought about the power of touch in this way but it’s thanks to my kitties I made it through those first few weeks.

Since Polka Dot disappeared lots of things have happened. I have some more cat stories coming up as well as a horse and dog story. Don’t miss “Mookie Moves In”, next. My goal is to write a post every other week. Welcome back.

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